Here you will find information about the stories I’m writing, some shorter tales and a few interesting quick reads which I’ve penned in response to writing challenges. Hope you find something of interest.

News & Other Updates:

All the latest stuff that’s happening behind the scenes…

Quick Reads:

These very short tales might only take a moment to read but may linger for longer…

The Secret Garden

The cool, autumn air seemed to ease my troubles as I strolled through the unkempt grounds, my gaze downcast to the blades of grass underfoot.…
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A Town Made of Food

100 Word Story Challenge – A Town Made of Food. A slight slant on the theme with a distinctly vampiric twist…
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The Sceptre

100 Word Story Challenge – The Sceptre. A band of intrepid explorers ignore warnings and breach the tomb of a fabled trickster…
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The Fairy Queen

100 Word Story Challenge – The Fairy Queen When two people fall hopelessly in love over a summer break, one has a secret which will…
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