Welcome to my site.

Rogue robots, sizzling laser pistols, and maniacal Martians – all a part of life in the 23rd Century.

Welcome to the site of Paul J. Fleming – the scribbler behind the scenes of the 23rd Century adventures.

Who am I?

Simply put, I am based in Liverpool and write tales of Science Fiction which I self-publish through Amazon.
I try my best to fit my inane scribbling around looking after my two girls, which is my true full-time occupation!

The stories I craft are set in the 23rd Century, during a time where laser pistols and rocket ships are the mainstays of the frontier between the colonised core worlds of the Solar System.

If I were to draw from existing works to best explain it, then I would mix old-school pulp adventure from Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon with current epic adventures, such as Dark Matter, The Expanse, and Killjoys.

I’ve split the content for the 23rd Century stories into their own, separate site as I have other projects on the boil that do not fit into that setting.

I also have a plan to evolve that site further with more information as the published stories evolve, as well as a few shorter stories that don’t warrant being churned through the whole publishing mill.

Visit http://tft23c.com to discover more.


Paul’s Shorts

This section holds a few of the short stories I’ve crafted, both within and outside of the 23rd Century setting for my main storyline.

I’m in the process of re-formatting them and uploading to here when I have the time, so please bear with me 😉

Hover over the “Paul’s Shorts” menu item above to see the available stories.