Science Fiction Author of the ‘Tales from the 23rd Century’

Rogue robots, sizzling laser pistols, and maniacal Martians – all a part of life in the 23rd Century.

I’ve split the content for the 23rd Century stories into their own, separate site as I have other projects on the boil that do not fit into that setting. I also have a plan to evolve that site further with more information about the whole setting as it evolves, as well as a few shorter stories that don’t warrant being churned through the whole publishing mill.

Visit to discover more.

This site is more about me – the scribbler behind the scenes.
I’ve linked up some pages to my FaceBook feed and also my Twitter feed, which you can see on the right on most pages.

Feel free to visit either of those platforms and say ‘Hi!’

If you really want to find out more about me, then take a look at my ‘Who Am I?’ page. I’ve tried to be as concise as possible as to my reasons for penning these stories and where the impetus came from.

This site is an ongoing development – as and when I have time. After all, I am crafting out these stories and doing the whole thing on my own…. from initial scribble to finished article.

Hope you’re all well 🙂