About Me

I’m based in Liverpool and currently in the process of writing tales based in the Gaslamp Fantasy genre, as well as a whole slew of scribblings set within the far future Science Fiction setting of Tales from the 23rd Century.

I’ve had two titles published (Children of Earth, Hijacked) which were available through Amazon, but right now they’re going through a bit of revision to bring them up to date. I’ve learnt so much since they were published that I decided to take them both down and give them a makeover – if for no other reason than to fit them both neatly into the setting as it has evolved quite dramatically since they were first penned out. It’s a long, laborious process but I hope it will be worth it in the end!

In the meantime, I’m staving off madness by crafting much smaller tales and quick reads to give my brain a much-needed rest from the intricacies of untangling plotlines and prodding characters in different directions to where they want to go. They can be quite stubborn at times.
You can find those short tales and quick reads on this site. Let me know what you think.

You can also find me lurking around on FaceBook and Twitter when I should be getting on with the process of writing, so why not stop by and say hello? Would love to hear from you.
It’ll give me another reason to put off writing for a while too! 🙂

My best regards,

Paul J. Fleming – Written with all the best intentions, October 2019!

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