The 23rd Century has seen the human race expand across the inner worlds of the Solar System, establishing vibrant colonies with diverse cultures and a myriad of interesting characters.

This is not the shiny view of the future as dreamt by the science fiction visionaries of the 20th Century, it’s a rampant clash of hearty capitalism, personal greed and ambition, underhanded plots, hidden agenda and the daily fight for survival, whether plying the space lanes or traversing the ruins of Earth.

Pirates prey on the unwary, cartels fight amongst themselves for influence within the established colonies whilst the Martian military continues to police the inner worlds, protecting their own interests more often than the rule of law. Those who seek freedom from Martian rule over Earth do their utmost to fight against a much superior force.

Those who desire to be free of the Aries Corporation’s control drift outward to the asteroid belt, inhabiting small outposts and mining colonies. Resources are scarce, and arguments settled by the barrel of a laser pistol are commonplace.

This is the 23rd Century, mind out for the Mercurian Ale and try not to lose too much in the Venusian pleasure domes. Above all, enjoy your stay!

I began writing the “Tales from the 23rd Century” in 2012, beginning with “Children of Earth” which was published later in 2014.

Following this adventure, I began working on smaller stories which were aimed at introducing a plethora of different characters and settings, each to give a flavour of the universe as a whole around the main novel line – but the first out of the stable “Hijacked” introduced three key characters I’ve had a hard time giving up.

The development of the 23rd Century titles has been on hiatus for a short while as I try to refine my own skills as an author, but lately, I’ve smelled the coffee and there are a few more tales waiting in the wings to be unleashed.

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