Not quite done yet…

So here we are, Friday morning. The flurry of frantic updates and coding snafus has taken its toll and I sit here poised in front of the laptop with no compulsion to tweak or edit the site AT ALL.

I have a veritable horde of short stories to write, others to transfer from paper onto the computer and some nonsense about re-plotting and fixing my two main titles so they can go back out onto Amazon, but as I lift my oversized mug of coffee and take a lingering sniff at the aroma I simply think… ‘ahh, to hell with it.’ It’s not like the world will end if I don’t craft out a little tale or edit my novel, is it?

Quite often I will divert on the journey home from the school & office run to sit up for a while somewhere public, like the nearest McDonald’s or Asda Cafe, with a steaming mug of brown liquid before me as I peruse those others who’ve stumbled in, searching for some form of nourishment, but this last week has been rather intense and I’ve just returned to the keyboard over the past few days to continue the updates.
Not today though.
Today, I chose to divert and linger in order to observe my fellow members of the human race and watch their quirks, ticks and mannerisms in the wild. It’s often very rewarding and quite often some of those details will make their way into a character.

I know the pages for ‘Tales’ and ‘Gothic’ need attention but, quite simply, they can wait.
The updates will happen. The stories will be written, but today I think I shall take some much needed time away from the computer to ‘recharge the brain cells’ and do some odd jobs around the house which also need urgent attention.

We all need time to step back and take a breather.

So stay wonderful out there and I’ll post another update soon when something happens 🙂

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