Paul’s Shorts

This section holds a few of the short stories I’ve crafted, both within and outside of the 23rd Century setting for my main storyline.

“The Fallen Warrior”, “From the Depths”, “Duality” and “Ghost Ship” are all set within the 23rd Century universe, originally given form by Children of Earth and Hijacked. The first three have been transcribed from handwritten scribblings taken from my over-filled lever arch folders. Ghost Ship was something that came about nearly three years ago as yet another group of characters set upon high adventure in the far-flung future – and there were over 14 chapters crafted out for that particular tale, but they were done online through a writing website and some fool didn’t copy down the text files before the site shut down 😮

It was a rather painful lesson! As of this moment, I have been able to recreate 7 of the 14 chapters and fully intend to try and craft out the remainder to bring the tale to its conclusion – but that’s alongside all the other work I have to do on all the other tales that are swimming around out there.

“The Crooked Seaman” is a complete one-off. It was not designed to be part of any universe or launch a new plethora of tales. It was simply based off one individual I saw on an almost daily basis as I drove into Liverpool City Centre each morning. I sat down and began typing. That was the result.

To gain access to each of the short stories, simply hover over the “Paul’s Shorts” menu item above to see what’s available, or take the easy route and click on one of the story titles in the menu to the right >>>.

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