The Jewellery Box

I opened the next box which I’d pulled down from a shelf, my mind steadfast against the contents and those feelings I’d buried away for almost eight years. It wasn’t something I relished, but my daughter was eager to know more about her late Gran and I was the one she turned to.

There was her jewellery box at the bottom and I pulled it free, lifting the lid as I did so. The faint scent of her favourite perfume drifted up and caught me completely unawares.

My daughter was quite surprised too as she’d not seen me cry before…

100 Word Story Challenge
The Jewellery Box – © 2019 Paul J. Fleming

This particular Quick Read was based on true events which happened late summer/early august 2019. My daughter wanted to know more about her late Gran, as she was less than a year old when my Mum died.

I suppose you could say that I’ve learned to temper my reaction to the sight of my Mum in photos or videos, or the sound of her voice. I suppose I just wasn’t ready to be assailed by the familiar smell of the perfume she loved to wear…

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