The Mystical Tree

There’s a tree which stands proudly amid the green of the park, its branches outstretched and held up by black metal roads to help support the weight as it continues to age past its thousandth year.

It’s seen so much in its time, with generations of people taking shelter beneath the canopy of its leaves as the weather turned foul, or found shade from the bright, summer sun.

Brutal wars have been fought and monarchs crowned. Empires have risen and then fallen away while this venerable tree continues to grow and thrive, a witness to the fleeting existence of man.

100 Word Story Challenge
The Mystical Tree – © 2019 Paul J. Fleming

The Mystical Tree in this short tale is, in real life, The Allerton Oak which stands in Calderstones Park, Liverpool. Should you visit the park you can see the tree to this very day, although now fenced off to prevent any damage being caused. There are numerous legends surrounding the tree, which is reputed to be over 1000 years old! This is why I chose it for this particular tale!
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I’d also like to include a link to a tale penned by the amazing Jude Lennon, The Dragon of Allerton Oak which is a Children’s book available from Little Lamb Publishing.
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The Dragon of Allerton Oak – Jude Lennon – Available to buy from Little Lamb Publishing
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