A darned good question, and one I must admit I have occasionally posed to myself!

Simply put I am based in Liverpool and am in the process of writing a couple of horror and science fiction books which I self-publish through Amazon, around looking after my two girls, which I personally consider to be my true full-time occupation!

So why am I writing horror and science fiction stories?

My venture into the world of being a book author may seem like a flight of fancy or complete tangent to my recent activities, but I have been writing stories and plot lines for Role Playing Games for over ten years.

It just seems like a logical progression to take some of these stories and adventures and put them together in printed book form – hopefully to entertain and amuse 🙂

If I am to be honest, I see little stories in various events and happenings around me almost every day. Not all make it to the computer, some are best not to either!

Many years ago this little ‘talent’ was put to good use in telling my little girl these fantastical stories about a young princess in a fantasy land, who also happened to be an adventurer and warrior. Completely unprepared and normally off the top of my head after being begged for the latest episode in her adventures, I’d stand there (or sit!) by her bed and just let the adventure flow, amusing side characters joining in her quests and always a happy fun ending to help my own little princess off to sleep.

For the RP Games I know some game masters had folders of adventures prepared, encounters scripted and monsters generated to throw at the hapless players, but I personally just turned up with a couple of core rule books for occasional reference if things got a bit sticky and some nutty idea about what might seem like a good story thread. All I can say from evidence of the past was that the games were oversubscribed and I would end up running them in series form, one to take a break and then another genre to come in so I could cycle the players for fairness.

It was a blast, very enjoyable and a little missed now as I do not GM anymore. However I think that now spills over into the stories I am writing. I don’t know where they are going, or who will pop up at any given point. They just happen and unfold in my mind as the thing develops.

The point is I am enjoying writing these little stories and tales down, and if you enjoy reading them then I have done something worthwhile and it pleases me 🙂




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